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Visiting Europe
There are lots of great destinations in Europe, we have launched this section after researching Gluten Free restaurants hotels and cafes, many of the venues have been recommended by the sites visitors. We take this opportunity to thank you all for helping us to not only build awareness of Coeliacs/Celiacs disease Gluten intolerance and Wheat allergy but also for the many hundreds of recommendations. When you are travelling or on holiday please help us to help you and build awareness PLEASE RECOMMEND A VENUE THAT HAS LOOKED AFTER YOU AT THE HOME PAGE.

Visiting Irland please click here to enjoy a farmhouse in county Wexford

Visiting UK please click here to enjoy Wales Anglesey

Visiting UK please click here to enjoy the sites of Berkshire

Visiting UK please click here to enjoy the sites of Derbyshire

Visiting France please click here

Visiting Germany please click here

Visiting Spain please click here

Visiting Italy please click here

Visiting Finland please click here

Visit the Gluten Free Hotel in the German Baverian Alps please click here

Visiting The British Waterway's please click here

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