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Artisan Bread Organic
Unit 16/17 John Wilson Business Park, Harvey Drive, Whistable, Kent, CT5 3QJ
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Sales:- Mike Dale - Other Dept's:- Ingrid
01227 771881
01227 278661
Welcome to Artisan Organic Bread
Organic & biodynamic bread is back on the menu for thousands of happy customers. We specialise in organic, naturally gluten free bread, pizza bases and Glutini®. We only use 100% natural ingredients that are free from...
Dairy / Sugar / Baker's Yeast / Xanthan Gum / Enzymes and take pride in the fact that there are NO Genetically Modified Ingredients.

FRESH Naturally Gluten Free Flours & recipe mixes with self raising gluten free flour (made with organic phosphate free baking powder) are available to buy.

What's different about ABO
Artisan Bread Organic bake a range of breads for:
· Blood Group diets
· Dairy-free diets
· Genotype diets
· Gluten-free diets (yellow print on packaging)
· Salt-free diets (white print on packaging)
· Vegetarian diets
· Common Wheat-free diets (purple print on packaging)
· Bakers Yeast-free diets

Our bread is a whole food – the vitamins and minerals listed on the label are the ones that are naturally present in the ingredients and provide over 15% of the recommended daily amount (RDA). Our products are made with organic and biodynamic ingredients, our whole grain flours are freshly milled on a traditional stone mill each day to prevent oxidation, with a separate mill for gluten-free flours.
We use revitalised filtered water, natural leaven and add a small amount of Seagreens® seaweed (with an amazing nutritional contents) to our Essene bread.

Our packaging is colour coded (purple, white, red and yellow) and labelled with a nutrition analysis, allergen information and icons for the blood group diet and the GenoType diet to help you choose the right bread. We hope you enjoy the fruits of our labour.

What is a natural leaven
The leaven in ABO artisan bread is made with organic baking ferment, developed by the Institute for Nutrition Research in Darmstadt for people with an intolerance to sourdough, gluten or yeast. Baking ferment is made from naturally gluten-free organic flour and organic honey and is used in very small quantities, the flour and honey are fully assimilated during the 12-15 hour fermentation process and are therefore not present in the finished bread. Although the honey is not present in the finished product we do not call the bread vegan. We oppose factory farming and you will not find any meat or dairy products or by-products in our bakery. ‘Organic beekeeping does not allow the practise of destroying the male brood or the destruction of bees in the combs as a method of harvesting the honey. Mutilations, such as clipping the wings of queen bees, are prohibited.’ Ref: DEFRA UK organic & EC reg. No 1804/1999.

Whether it be our GF Buckwheat, Linseed, Quinoa, Rice and Pea Bread or our Fabulous Glutinis and Pizza Bases - Read our testimonials, try our Breads but most of all enjoy the experience of our nutritionally balanced delights.

What people say
I found the FAQ page on your website which explains everything regarding why your Gluten Free Bread 'may contain gluten'.
I am now very impressed with your approach.

When placing her second order, Catherine from East Sussex said about our Glutinis: It's incredibly exciting when you're gluten free to have something like the Glutini - it's like eating something normal but tasty and healthy at the same time. They are brilliant toasted for lunch

Having had an intolerance to the gluten grains and yeast for over 20 years and also being unable to tolerate pieces of seeds or nuts unless very finely ground, I can't tell you how wonderful it is to be able to eat your gluten free wholegrain breads!
Thank you.

A Note re 'May Contain Gluten' from Ingrid and the team
Please take a few moments to read the ' May contain Gluten ' link above and always feel free to telephone or email us - We want you to be 100% satisfied like our thousands of other customers.
'Factory' Shop open Mondays and Thursdays between 2.00pm and 5.00pm.
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• Dairy Free
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• Vegetarian
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