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GlutenFreeonthego Code of Practice
Code Of Practice and information on Cross Contamination.

By signing up to our code of practice, you agree to offer no gluten-free containing ingredient options and provide these customers with the same standards of service that you give to everybody else. It means that users of this guide will be confident they can eat safely, knowing that you can meet their needs.
Please read each point carefully to confirm that you can meet the standard. For more information on what is required please feel free to contact

Information about cross-contamination operates a Code of Practice for all advertisers on the site. Each venue must comply with this Code of Practice at all times. The main points to consider when offering dishes with “no gluten containing ingredients” are outlined below and form part of the Code of Practice:

1. Offer a choice of dishes on a menu that do not contain any ingredients derived from wheat, or other gluten-containing cereals.

Gluten is found in wheat, barley and rye. Some people following a gluten-free diet also need to avoid oats. The diet involves avoidance of all foods containing these cereals or ingredients derived from them.
There are many naturally gluten-free foods including:
• Fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, pulses
• Meat, poultry fish, eggs, soya
• Milk, cheese, natural yoghurt, cottage cheese
• Rice, corn (maize), tapioca, polenta buckwheat, sago
Arrowroot, corn flour, gram flour, potato flour
Some of the most common gluten-containing foods include:
• Bread, pizza, pasta, crisp breads, crackers
• Buns, biscuits, cakes, pastries
• Beer, fish & chips, sausages
• Some breakfast cereals
• Gravies, sauces (unless thickened with cream, corn flour or by reducing) Some dressings
2. Take care when buying ready-made foods or processed ingredients for dishes with “no gluten containing ingredients” , that they do not contain gluten
Many ingredients are naturally gluten-free*. These include: Balsamic vinegar, bicarbonate of soda, cream of tartar, coconut milk/cream, custard powder, fish sauce, gelatine, yeast
However, some ingredients may contain gluten and include: soy sauce, baking powder, gravy powder, bouillon, five spice powder, mayonnaise, mustard
*For a comprehensive list of gluten-free foods, including catering suppliers, please refer to the Coeliac UK Food & Drink Directory

3. Ensure that no ingredients used in the dishes are contaminated with gluten, either during storage, preparation, cooking or serving
Whilst the foods you use may be gluten-free, low gluten or have no gluten containing ingredients, it is important to ensure that they remain so throughout their preparation. Some of the easiest ways to avoid contamination include:
• Separate storage of gluten-free foods
• Designated toaster or separate/cleaned grill or BBQ
• Separate chopping boards and utensils
• Easy to clean work surfaces
• Uncontaminated butter/jams etc.
4. All your team needs to be aware of the need to treat customers requiring a “no gluten containing” dish with sensitivity, to help them choose their meal with confidence and to communicate their needs to the kitchen in order that their meal will be safe and enjoyable.

You will need to ensure all your staff are aware of the Code of Practice and the requirements. This will ensure that you can continue to meet the Code of Practice regardless of who is on duty.

5. Please make every effort to ensure that customers requiring a “no gluten containing ingredient” meal have the same quality of eating experience and choice as my other customers.

Clearly, it is important that customers requiring a” no gluten containing ingredient” dish enjoy their dining experience with you. This is best achieved when they feel that they are treated the same as all your other customers. Please try to avoid bringing their requirements to the attention of other diners and also understand that some may feel nervous or awkward about asking about your menu options.

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